SDL Paint Work - Another Rip off Body Shop

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Scott Lawson of SDL Paint Work agreed to repaint my car in 3 weeks, he knew full well that I need the car for a holiday at the end of August.the car was supposed to be finished by the 4th August 2013.

Every week it is the same excuses about other work no work has been done on the car for at least 2 weeks and he is not telling me when I can have the car back. I finally gave him a deadline of the 28th August to finish the car, and he was refused to accept it. Another shop has offered to do the work and provide a warranty on the job which Scott could not do. But to get the car out of workshop with all the parts Scott Lawson is demanding £650 for what he has done one days work on the car, the new body shop will have to check the work to make sure it is up to standard if not they will redo his work.

I have offered to pay him after approval of this work by the new bodyshop but he has refused....surprised surprise conmen have no imagine.He is know lying and changing the terms of the agreement staying as there is no written contract it is my word against his.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles mate. The Law recognises verbal contracts so I would not worry what he has to say he obviously trying it on just like the is work is *** too.


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